2022 Co-Creation Hub (CcHUB) Design Fellowship for mid-level practitioners ( 6-month paid immersive training program)

2022 Co-Creation Hub (CcHUB) Design Fellowship for mid-level practitioners ( 6-month paid immersive training program)

Join the second cohort of the CcHUB Design Fellowship. It is a 6-month paid immersive training program for those who want to deep dive into HCD as a tool for problem-solving and to further improve the economic prosperity in Africa through design-inspired innovations.

There is an urgency in addressing the myriad of challenges in Africa and it is important to adopt approaches that provide the opportunity for better outcomes and improved equity. The continuing challenges in Africa require home-grown solutions that are developed as a result of the joint participation of the people, stakeholders, and designers that have a unique understanding of context and culture.


There is a need for talent in design thinking. This fellowship is for graduates from any discipline with an interest in building a career in design; and with the increasing interest in the role of design and innovation in solving some of the biggest development challenges and systemic problems in Africa, the fellowship will focus on incorporating HCD in the development of innovations that will lead to a better society.


Aim of the CcHUB Design Fellowship

The Fellows will participate in a program aimed at

  • Incorporating Human-Centered Design (HCD) into how public agencies, civil society organizations and corporates solve problems
  • Exploiting technology to improve services, products and processes
  • Building partnerships and relationships to collaboratively solve significant social and business challenges
  • The design fellowship is a full-time role that comes with a monthly allowance and benefits.


Apply if you

  • Embrace failure
  • Are looking to bring your existing skills to solving problems
  • Can work in a fast and dynamic environment
  • Are eager to learn and implement learnings to real, tangible issues
  • Are a mid-level practitioner


  • 6 months immersive learning
  • A community of like-minded people
  • Opportunities to integrate into CcHub in the future
  • Exposure to global projects creating change
  • Experienced design experts
  • Learning and fun

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