5 high-paying in-demand skilled trades jobs in Canada

Canada is a developed country with an advanced economy and a high quality of life. The country is one of the wealthiest in the world, has low unemployment rates, and is one of the most educated countries in the world.

Skilled trades jobs are also in high demand because they are not as susceptible to automation as other occupations. There are over 30 skilled trades jobs that pay more than $100,000 per year and this number will only go up in the future.

5 high-paying & in-demand skilled trades jobs in Canada

Professional Lumberjack Cutting a big Tree in the Forest during the Winter

There are many ways to find these skilled trades jobs. One way is to use search engines like Google or Bing to find relevant job postings online. Another way is to network with people who work in your field or have connections within your industry and ask them for advice on how you can enter their profession.

The skilled trades industry offers a variety of careers and opportunities to Canadians.

There are over 100 skilled trade jobs in Canada with the median wage being $27.06 per hour.

The five high-paying and in-demand skilled trades jobs in Canada are as follows:

1) Carpenter

2) Plumber

3) Electrician

4) Truck Drivers

5) Industrial Mechanics and Millwrights

1) Carpenters: Carpenters make wooden furniture, cabinets, and other woodworking items. They also assemble scaffolding and other building structures. Carpenters typically need some postsecondary education or training for their trade but don’t need a university degree or apprenticeship before they can work as a carpenter. Simply by making and repairing furniture like desks, chairs, shelves, etc., Carpenters may earn high wages ranging from CAD $20 to CAD $65 each hour. Moreover, Plumbers are able to earn a large amount up to CAD $120,000 every year.

2. Plumbers: Plumbers design and construct water, gas, and sewer systems for buildings. They also install pumps, heating systems, sinks, and pipes. Plumbers typically need some postsecondary education or training for their trade but don’t need a university degree or apprenticeship before they can work as a plumber.

If you are a foreign national with plumbing skills, you can always get jobs involving you to install, repair, and servicing pipes, drains, fixtures, sewers, water heaters, and more, in Canada.

Besides, Plumbers earn an average of $20 Canadian Dollars to $65 Canadian Dollars per hour in Canada. They get many jobs due to their comprehensive range of services.

With good experience, highly skilled Plumbers earn a whopping sum of up to $200,000 Canadian Dollars every year.

3. Electrician: Installing, repairing, as well as maintaining electrical equipment and wiring is quite costly in Canada. Thus, Electricians may earn up to CAD $25 to CAD $75 every hour. Moreover, Electricians earn an average yearly income of CAD $110,000.

4. Truck Drivers: Undoubtedly, Truck Drivers are among the top ten (10) highly skilled trades jobs in Canada. You need to have a valid Canadian driver’s license before you can take any driving job in Canada.

Moreover, there are many job opportunities open to Truck Drivers in Canada, which includes garbage Truck driver, delivery driver, Truck Drivers supervisor, fuel Truck operator, water Truck operator, etc.

Additionally, the hourly income of Truck Drivers in Canada is estimated in the range of CAD $20 to CAD $105. Besides, Truck Drivers can earn up to CAD $350,000 yearly.

5. Industrial Mechanics and Millwrights: Working as an Industrial Mechanic and Millwright requires varieties of skills. You mostly need to install, repair, service, as well as uninstall machinery on behalf of manufacturing plants and facilities.

Moreover, Industrial Mechanics and Millwrights have an hourly estimated wage that ranges from CAD $25 to CAD $53 per hour. On a yearly basis, you will be opportune to earn up to $90,000 per year.


Other extra in-demand skilled trades jobs in Canada are:


You will be able to earn largely working as a Chef/professional cook/head cook in Canada. Besides, Chefs earn an average of CAD $15 to CAD $57 per hour working in Canadian restaurants, hotels, and resorts. On a yearly basis, Chefs in Canada may earn a yearly income of as much as CAD $156,000.


The services of Welders are often required in Canada in joining several metals together by welding. Hence, numerous construction companies, shipyards, as well as steel industries employ Welders in Canada.

Furthermore, Welders earn an average of CAD $20 to CAD $95 per hour. They may also earn up to CAD $150,000 on a yearly basis.


You can work in Canada with your hairstyling skills by helping people to cut and beautify their hair in various styles.

As a Hairstylist in Canada, you are likely to earn an hourly income ranging from CAD $15 to CAD $70 per hour. Moreover, you may earn up to $93,000 yearly if you work in any of the leading hair salons in Canada.

Transport and Truck Mechanics

As a transport and Truck Mechanic, you can work with companies that help logistics and Truck owners maintain their vehicle performance.

Besides, transport and Truck Mechanics run diagnosis, repairs, and services buses and Trucks.

In addition, transport and Truck Mechanics earn an average hourly wage of CAD $20 to CAD $58 in Canada.


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