Business Instructors Jobs In Canada 


Business instructors are in high demand in Canada and for good reason. Teaching business courses provides many benefits for both the instructor and their students.

It is an excellent way to learn new skills, stay up-to-date on industry trends and practices, and build a broad network of contacts.

Instructors have the chance to make a positive impact on their student’s lives by providing them with the knowledge, tools and support they need to succeed in their industry.


Below are the available business Instructors jobs in Canada.

Business Instructors jobs in Canada

College Instructor (Information Systems Business Analysis)

Location: Pures College Of Technology, Toronto, ON.

Job Qualifications: ERP, client-server, and web-application system implementation, development, and support experience.


Expected earnings: $62,139 – $78,683 a year

College Instructor- Business Math & Intro to Accounting

Location: ILAC, Toronto, ON

Job Requirements: Two years’ worth of work experience in a field related to the course’s subject matter PLUS a degree, diploma, or certificate in that subject.


Expected earnings: $49,157 – $62,244 per annum

Business Administration College Instructors

Location: ILAC International College, Toronto.

Job Requirements: Should Possess a degree, diploma, or certificate from an approved university and have worked or taught the course’s subject for at least two years.

Expected earnings: $58,328 – $73,856 a year

Instructor, Business

Location: Keyano College, Fort McMurray, AB

Job requirements: Coursework preparation, curriculum creation, formative assessments, student recruitment, and other departmental tasks are additional responsibilities outside of teaching.

Expected earnings: $78,611 – $119,023 yearly.

Computer/Business & Finance Instructor – Morning Remote

Location: Heritage College( remote work)

Job requirements: Use a structured approach to teaching that includes lectures, examples, discussion groups, hands-on activities, case studies, fieldwork assignments, and individual or group projects.

Expected Earnings: $25 – $28 an hour

Administrative Assistant Instructor (PT)

Location: ABM College( remote work).

Job requirements: To assist adult learners in reaching learning objectives, and create dynamic learning experiences in the classroom utilizing a variety of teaching tactics.

Expected Earnings: $36,756 – $46,541 a year

Business Courses – Instructor

Location: Brighton College, Burnaby, BC

Job Requirements: Providing education to students that satisfy the goals of the course and the program as outlined in the most recent curriculum. the capacity to inspire and motivate students.

Estimated earnings: $30 – $40 per hour

Instructor, Business Administration (Accounting)

Location: North Island College, Courtenay, BC.

Job requirements: A Master’s degree in Information Technology or an undergraduate degree in Business Administration and a Master’s degree in a related field.

Expected earnings: $62,163 – $78,713 a year

Business & English Communications Instructor

Location: CAMPBELL COLLEGE Edmonton, AB.

Job Requirements: Should have taught adults and had a suitable degree. A master’s degree in education or a similar discipline is advantageous.

Expected earnings: $25 – $30 an hour

Instructor of  Business

Location: Conbride College of Business and Technology, North York, ON.

Job Requirements: A university degree in a related field (Business, Logistics, Supply chain management, Accounting, Commerce, Marketing, etc); (A Master’s degree in Business…

Expected earnings: $25 – $40 per hour.

Business Administrator Instructor

Location: CDI College, Mississauga, ON.

You should possess an adult education certificate or have at least one year of teaching experience. Observing and evaluating students during clinical or practicum.

Expected earnings: $28 – $30 an hour

 Project Management Instructor

Location: Institut Trebas Institute, Toronto, ON

Job Requirements:  Experience in the development of curricula and programs in the past is viewed favourably. Control the scheduling of lessons, homework, classes, and final exams.

Expected earnings; $70,036 – $88,681 a year

Instructor, Office Administration

Location: Government of the Northwest Territories, inuvik, NT.

Job requirements: The successful completion of six weeks of full-time adult education coursework during the first two years of employment is a genuine requirement of the position.

Expected earnings: $104,000 – $125,000 a year

Global Business Management Instructor

Location: Toronto South West

triOS College Business Technology.

Job Requirements: A fundamental prerequisite of the job is the successful completion of six weeks of full-time adult education coursework during the first two years of employment.

Expected earnings: $63,268 – $80,112 yearly.

Instructor, Business Law

Location: Robertson College, Winnipeg, MB.

Expected earnings: The instructor is responsible for delivering course content dynamically and engagingly; implementing and correcting assignments/projects.

Expected earnings: $37 – $45 an hour

Travel and Tourism Management Instructor

Location: Eton College, Vancouver, BC.

Applicants should have at least two years’ worth of relevant experience. During PST Timezone,  you should be available to instruct and also, commit to a regular commute or prepare to move before beginning.

Expected earnings: $38,719 – $49,026 a year

 Logistics Systems Instructor

Location: Ace Acumen Academy, North York, ON.

Job requirements: Minimum of three years of progressively responsible experience in a relevant sector; consideration will be given to those with current and pertinent work experience.

Expected earnings: $30 – $35 an hour

Business and Digital Marketing Instructor

Location: Vancouver Career College,  Vancouver, BC.

Job requirements: Either possess an adult education certificate or have at least one year of teaching experience. monitoring and evaluating students throughout clinical or practical experiences.

Expected earnings: $53,107 – $67,246 per annum.

Work Integrated Learning Specialist

Location:  ILAC, Toronto, ON.

Job requirements: To guarantee the program’s success, collaborate with the program director, WIL Manager, mentors, and professors. where necessary, participate in program reviews.

Expected earnings: $50,000 each year.

Cyber Security Analyst Instructor

Location: Willis College( remote work).

Job Requirements: Promoting the academic offerings of the Institution to potential students and the general public. demonstrating awareness of and commitment to the College.

Expected earnings: $45 – $50 an hour

College Instructor


Job Requirements: Expertise in developing curricula and teaching at the post-secondary level; involvement in committee meetings, faculty/staff meetings, and professional.

Expected earnings:  $63,714 – $80,676 a year

Campus Manager – Private Career College

Location: Oxford College of Arts, Business and Technology, Burlington, ON.

Job Requirements: Oxford College is looking for a “Campus Manager” with a number of tasks, such as working with campus administration and admissions.

Expected earnings: $66,982 – $84,814 per annum.


These business instructor jobs in Canada shown in this article offer competitive salaries, excellent benefits, and a chance to make a real difference.

Also, the demand for business instructors is only increasing and so it’s time to take advantage of this incredible opportunity by applying for any of these jobs.


What Companies Are Hiring For Business Instructor jobs?

Currently, the companies below are hiring business Instructors. They are:

Mi Casa Resource Center, EDSI Solutions, Washington State Department Of Licensing, J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College, Boston Public SchoolsBentley University, SOUTH COLLEGE.

What Are The Top Cities With Open Business Instructor Jobs?

Chicago, Charlotte, Tampa, Danville, Los Angeles, Portland, Saint Charles, Chicago, Houston, Richmond, and Madison.


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