Carpenter Needed In Canada By TRAV Construction Inc – Nobelie


We are seeking a skilled and experienced Carpenter to join our team. As a Carpenter, you will be responsible for constructing, installing, and repairing various structures, furniture, and fixtures made of wood or other materials. Your expertise in carpentry techniques, attention to detail, and ability to interpret blueprints will contribute to the successful completion of our construction and renovation projects.

Job details

  • Location: 1868 Knox Terrace Abbotsford, BCV3G 2W3
  • Salary: 30.00 to 35.00 hourly (to be negotiated) 40 hours per week
  • Terms of employment Term or contract: Full time To be determined
  • Start date: Starts as soon as possible
  • Vacancies 10
  • Verified





  • Secondary (high) school graduation certificate


3 years to less than 5 years



  1. Construction and Installation:
    • Read and interpret blueprints, drawings, and specifications to determine project requirements.
    • Measure, cut, shape, and assemble wood or other materials to construct frameworks, structures, furniture, cabinets, and more.
    • Install doors, windows, staircases, trim, and other wooden fixtures according to project specifications.
    • Collaborate with architects, engineers, and other professionals to ensure proper construction and adherence to building codes.
  2. Repair and Maintenance:
    • Inspect and assess damaged or deteriorated wooden components in buildings, furniture, or other items.
    • Repair or replace damaged structures, fixtures, or furniture using appropriate carpentry techniques.
    • Apply finishes, such as paint, stain, or varnish, to protect and enhance the appearance of wooden surfaces.
  3. Safety and Compliance:
    • Adhere to safety guidelines and practices to ensure a safe working environment.
    • Comply with building codes, regulations, and project requirements during construction and installation.
  4. Tool and Equipment Management:
    • Select and use appropriate hand and power tools, such as saws, chisels, drills, and sanders, safely and effectively.
    • Maintain and care for carpentry tools and equipment, ensuring they are in good working condition.
  5. Team Collaboration:
    • Collaborate with other carpenters, contractors, and construction team members to ensure project coordination and timely completion.
    • Communicate project progress, challenges, and requirements to supervisors and team members effectively.


  • Proven experience as a Carpenter, preferably in the construction industry.
  • Proficiency in carpentry techniques, including measuring, cutting, shaping, and joining wood or other materials.
  • Ability to read and interpret blueprints, drawings, and specifications.
  • Familiarity with building codes, regulations, and safety guidelines.
  • Excellent manual dexterity and ability to handle carpentry tools and equipment.
  • Strong attention to detail and ability to work with precision.
  • Problem-solving skills to address challenges that may arise during construction or repair projects.
  • Physical stamina and ability to work in various weather conditions and lift heavy materials.
  • Effective communication and teamwork abilities.
  • High school diploma or equivalent qualification.


  • Read and interpret blueprints, drawings and sketches to determine specifications and calculate requirements
  • Prepare layouts in conformance to building codes, using measuring tools
  • Measure, cut, shape, assemble and join materials made of wood, wood substitutes, lightweight steel and other materials
  • Fit and install windows, doors, stairs, mouldings and hardware
  • Supervise other workers

Additional information

Personal suitability

  • Efficient interpersonal skills

Who can apply to this job?

Only apply to this job if:

  • You are a Canadian citizen, a permanent or a temporary resident of Canada.
  • You have a valid Canadian work permit.

If you are not authorized to work in Canada, do not apply. The employer will not respond to your application.

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Here are some frequently asked questions about the Carpenter job:

What does a carpenter do?

A carpenter is a skilled tradesperson who specializes in working with wood. Their tasks may include:

  • Reading and interpreting blueprints, drawings, and specifications.
  • Measuring, cutting, shaping, and assembling wood or other materials to create structures, furniture, cabinets, and more.
  • Installing and repairing wooden frameworks, structures, floors, and walls.
  • Constructing and installing doors, windows, staircases, and other wooden fixtures.
  • Applying finishes, such as paint, stain, or varnish, to protect and enhance the appearance of wooden surfaces.
  • Repairing and replacing damaged wooden components in buildings, furniture, or other items.
  • Collaborating with architects, engineers, and other professionals to ensure proper construction and adherence to project requirements.

What skills are important for a carpenter?

To excel as a carpenter, several skills are crucial. These include:

  • Carpentry skills: Proficiency in working with wood, including measuring, cutting, shaping, and joining techniques.
  • Blueprint reading: Ability to interpret technical drawings, blueprints, and specifications.
  • Mathematical skills: Aptitude for accurate measurements, calculations, and layout planning.
  • Manual dexterity: Skill in handling carpentry tools, such as saws, chisels, drills, and power tools, safely and effectively.
  • Problem-solving: Ability to find creative solutions to challenges that may arise during construction or repair projects.
  • Attention to detail: Precision and meticulousness in measuring, cutting, and assembling components to ensure proper fit and alignment.
  • Physical stamina: Carpentry work often involves lifting heavy materials, standing for long periods, and working in various weather conditions.
  • Time management: Efficiently planning and organizing tasks to meet project deadlines.
  • Communication: Effective communication skills to understand project requirements, collaborate with team members, and address client needs.

Is any specific education or training required to become a carpenter?

While formal education is not always a requirement, completing a carpentry apprenticeship or vocational training program is highly beneficial. These programs provide comprehensive training in carpentry techniques, tools, safety practices, and construction methods. They may also offer opportunities to gain hands-on experience through internships or practical projects. Additionally, obtaining certifications, such as those offered by trade organizations, can enhance your credibility and marketability as a carpenter. However, practical experience and on-the-job training are equally valuable in developing the skills needed to excel in this field.

What are the career prospects for carpenters?

Carpenters are in demand in various sectors, including residential, commercial, and industrial construction. With experience and expertise, carpenters can progress to supervisory roles, project management, or even start their own carpentry businesses. Additionally, carpenters with specialized skills, such as working with historical restoration, green building, or custom furniture, may find niche opportunities. The construction industry is constantly evolving, and there is a consistent need for skilled carpenters to contribute to building and renovation projects.

What qualities make a successful carpenter?

Successful carpenters possess a combination of technical skills, attention to detail, and a passion for craftsmanship. They have a strong work ethic, take pride in their work, and strive for excellence in every project. Successful carpenters also have good problem-solving abilities, adaptability to different project requirements, and the ability to work independently or as part


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