Head chef Needed In Canada By Woolsey Creek Bistro Ltd


As a head chef, you will be responsible for leading and managing the culinary operations of our establishment. You will oversee the kitchen staff, plan and develop menus, ensure high-quality food preparation and presentation, and maintain a safe and efficient kitchen environment. Your role is crucial in maintaining the reputation of our restaurant and delivering exceptional dining experiences to our guests.

Job details

  • Location: 604 2nd Street Revelstoke, BCV0E 2S0
  • Salary: 28.00 hourly / 35 to 45 hours per week
  • Terms of employment Permanent employment: Full time Evening, 14:00 to 22:00
  • Start date: Starts as soon as possible
  • Vacancies 1
  • Verified






  • No degree, certificate or diploma


Experience an asset

Work site environment

Work setting


  1. Menu Planning and Development:
  • Create and update menus that offer a diverse range of dishes to cater to customer preferences and dietary requirements.
  • Develop and refine recipes, ensuring consistent quality, taste, and presentation.
  • Stay updated on culinary trends and incorporate innovative ideas into the menu.
  1. Food Preparation and Presentation:
  • Oversee and participate in the preparation and cooking of meals, ensuring adherence to recipes, portion control, and food safety standards.
  • Ensure that all dishes are prepared and presented according to the restaurant’s quality standards.
  • Continuously monitor food quality and make necessary adjustments to maintain high standards.
  1. Kitchen Management:
  • Manage and supervise kitchen staff, including chefs, cooks, and kitchen assistants, ensuring effective communication and coordination.
  • Schedule shifts and assign tasks to maintain a smooth workflow and timely food service.
  • Train and mentor kitchen staff, providing guidance and feedback to enhance their skills.
  1. Inventory and Cost Control:
  • Manage food inventory, monitor stock levels, and place orders to ensure availability of ingredients while minimizing waste.
  • Optimize ingredient usage and portion control to manage costs effectively.
  • Collaborate with suppliers to ensure timely and quality ingredient deliveries.
  1. Health and Safety Compliance:
  • Maintain a clean and safe working environment, adhering to health and safety regulations and sanitation standards.
  • Conduct regular inspections to identify and address any potential hazards or violations.
  • Train and enforce proper food handling and hygiene practices among kitchen staff.
  1. Collaboration and Communication:
  • Work closely with the front-of-house staff, such as servers and managers, to coordinate food service and address customer feedback or special requests.
  • Collaborate with the management team to develop promotional offers, special menus, and events.
  • Communicate effectively with staff, colleagues, and suppliers to ensure smooth operations.


  • Proven experience as a head chef or in a similar culinary leadership role.
  • Culinary degree or diploma preferred, but extensive practical experience can also be considered.
  • Strong culinary skills and knowledge of various cooking techniques, flavor profiles, and international cuisines.
  • Leadership and management abilities to effectively lead and motivate a kitchen team.
  • Excellent organizational, time management, and problem-solving skills.
  • Creativity and ability to develop new dishes and adapt to changing culinary trends.
  • Strong attention to detail and commitment to quality control.
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Flexibility and adaptability to work in a fast-paced environment.


  • Demonstrate new cooking techniques and new equipment to cooking staff
  • Create new recipes
  • Instruct cooks in preparation, cooking, garnishing and presentation of food
  • Supervise cooks and other kitchen staff
  • Prepare and cook meals or specialty foods
  • Requisition food and kitchen supplies
  • Estimate food requirements and food and labour costs
  • Plan menus and ensure food meets quality standards
  • Recruit and hire staff
  • Train staff in preparation, cooking and handling of food



Certificates, licences, memberships, and courses

Experience and specialization

Food specialties

  • Cold kitchen
  • Fish and seafood
  • Meat, poultry and game
  • Stocks, soups and sauces
  • Vegetables, fruits, nuts and mushrooms

Additional information

Work conditions and physical capabilities

  • Fast-paced environment
  • Work under pressure
  • Handling heavy loads
  • Attention to detail
  • Standing for extended periods
  • Bending, crouching, kneeling

Personal suitability

  • Dependability
  • Efficient interpersonal skills
  • Flexibility
  • Initiative
  • Organized
  • Reliability
  • Team player

Who can apply to this job?

Only apply to this job if:

  • You are a Canadian citizen, a permanent or a temporary resident of Canada.
  • You have a valid Canadian work permit.

If you are not authorized to work in Canada, do not apply. The employer will not respond to your application.


How to apply

By email

[email protected]

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Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about Head chef:


 What is a head chef?

A head chef, also known as an executive chef, is a senior-level culinary professional who oversees the entire kitchen operations in a restaurant or food establishment. They are responsible for menu planning, recipe development, food preparation, staff management, and ensuring high-quality food service.

What are the main responsibilities of a head chef?

The main responsibilities of a head chef include:

  1. Menu Planning: Creating and updating menus to offer a diverse range of dishes that meet customer preferences and dietary requirements.
  2. Recipe Development: Designing and refining recipes to maintain consistent quality and taste of the food.
  3. Food Preparation: Overseeing and participating in the preparation and cooking of meals, ensuring proper techniques, portion control, and adherence to food safety standards.
  4. Kitchen Management: Managing kitchen staff, scheduling shifts, and assigning tasks to ensure a smooth workflow.
  5. Quality Control: Monitoring food quality, presentation, and taste to maintain high standards and meet customer expectations.
  6. Inventory and Cost Management: Controlling food inventory, minimizing waste, and optimizing ingredient usage to manage costs effectively.
  7. Training and Development: Training and mentoring kitchen staff to enhance their culinary skills and maintain a skilled team.
  8. Health and Safety Compliance: Ensuring adherence to health and safety regulations, maintaining cleanliness, and promoting a safe working environment.
  9. Collaboration: Working closely with other departments, such as front-of-house staff and management, to coordinate food service and address customer feedback.
  10. Continuous Improvement: Staying updated on culinary trends, experimenting with new techniques and ingredients, and continually improving the menu and kitchen operations.

What qualifications and skills are required to become a head chef?

To become a head chef, you typically need the following qualifications and skills:

  • Culinary Education: A formal culinary degree or diploma is beneficial, although extensive practical experience can also suffice.
  • Culinary Expertise: Strong culinary skills and knowledge of various cooking techniques, flavor profiles, and international cuisines.
  • Leadership Abilities: Effective leadership and management skills to guide and motivate a team of kitchen staff.
  • Organizational Skills: Excellent organizational abilities to manage multiple tasks, prioritize responsibilities, and meet deadlines.
  • Creativity: A flair for creativity and innovation to develop new dishes, create appealing presentations, and adapt to changing culinary trends.
  • Attention to Detail: Strong attention to detail to ensure accuracy in recipe execution, food plating, and quality control.
  • Time Management: Effective time management skills to handle the fast-paced nature of the kitchen environment and meet service deadlines.
  • Communication Skills: Good communication and interpersonal skills to effectively communicate with staff, colleagues, and suppliers.
  • Problem-solving Abilities: Quick problem-solving skills to address kitchen issues, handle unexpected situations, and maintain a smooth operation.
  • Adaptability: Flexibility and adaptability to work in a dynamic environment, handle pressure, and adjust to changing customer demands.

What is the career outlook for head chefs?

The career outlook for head chefs is generally positive, with opportunities available in various types of restaurants, hotels, resorts, and catering companies. The demand for skilled head chefs is driven by the growing culinary industry and the constant need for exceptional dining experiences. Advancement opportunities may include becoming an executive chef in a larger establishment, opening one’s own restaurant, or exploring consultancy or teaching roles within the culinary field.

What sets a great head chef apart?

A great head chef stands out through their passion for food, creativity, leadership skills, and ability to consistently deliver exceptional dining experiences. They possess a strong work ethic, a commitment to quality, and the ability to inspire and motivate their kitchen team. Great head chefs also possess strong business acumen, enabling them to manage


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