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University Dropout turns ICE Footwear CEO

University Dropout, Ayissi Williams ICE Footwear CEO
Ayissi Williams ICE Footwear CEO

From University Dropout to ICE Footwear CEO, Growing up, Ayissi William was a fan of sneakers, but he never had the opportunity to own several pairs.

As a result, he had to be careful with the ones he had because he didn’t want to damage them.

Mr. William was inspired to create ICE Footwear after noticing the exquisite brands of sneakers from Nike, Adidas, and Puma.


“I felt like I could definitely do something like that, and the fact that many people weren’t doing something like that where I came from made me want to do it even more because I knew I could be the first,” Ayissi William told The African Dream.

As a result, ICE Footwear was founded in 2021. When starting a business in Africa, it can be a turbulent journey fraught with setbacks.

Ayissi William, unsurprisingly, had the same experience. Ayissi William, as a sneaker brand, faces the current threat of overshadowing the already established and well-known brands (Nike, Adidas, and Puma) in Africa.


Nonetheless, Ayissi William believes that the uniqueness and redecorated appearance of the sneakers distinguishes their products from other brands.

A pair of ICE sneakers costs $50 and is available only in Cameroon and South Africa. However, the management intends to make them available in various countries and to assist prospective buyers in getting a feel for the sneakers.

But wait a minute! However, international deliveries are possible. Orders can be placed from anywhere in the world.
Ayissi William believes it is a “good idea to diversify.”


Many sectors have remained unexplored. He also advised aspiring designers to develop distinct identities that are easily identifiable by everyone.

“They need to do something separate to stand out,” Ayissi William told The African Dream in an interview.
ICE footwear’s CEO and designer


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